The North Carolina Natural Products Association, connecting plants with people...


Our Mission

The North Carolina Natural Products Association (NCNPA) was formed as a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, cultivating, sustainably harvesting, and processing North Carolina grown medicinal plants.

NCNPA's mission is to establish North Carolina as a key global supplier of premium-quality raw materials and plant-based value added products such as natural medicines, organic products, functional foods, and personal care products.

Purpose: Educate individuals, agencies, and organizations about the North Carolina's natural products industry. Promote North Carolina grown and manufactured natural products. Bring together farmers and the natural products industry to explore growing and marketing opportunities. Encourage conservation and stewardship of North Carolina's botanical resources. Promote North Carolina as one of the leading producers of safe, natural therapeutic products and services. Monitor and disseminate information on regulatory measures pertaining to the natural products industry. Sponsor conferences and regional workshops. Encourage safe, effective, and high quality natural products manufacturing standards. Alert supporters to emerging opportunities in the natural products industry.

Ncnpa is committed to providing the community with vital information such as conservancy efforts, educational events and connections between those growing and manufacturing in the industry. New crops, alternative growing techniques, trending products and quality sourcing are just a few ways NCNPA serves our state.
— Jeannie Dunn, Red Moon Herbs

What We've Achieved

  • Developed numerous studies in collaboration with partners statewide
  • Provided industry related educational opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Hosted events for the general public to explore and learn more about NC natural products
  • Participated in the NC Natural Products Alliance
  • Developed the Blue Ridge Naturally Program
  • Participated in and supported conservation efforts
  • Hosted Ginseng Expos with attendees from around the world
  • Provided networking opportunities to students, professionals, academics, and businesses in the natural products sector