Blue Ridge Naturally Companies and Products

These Blue Ridge Naturally™ farms and companies are committed to growing and producing quality natural crops and products you can trust. They use best practices in agriculture or manufacturing, can trace their ingredients and try to source locally in Western North Carolina.

Here's a sampling of retailers where you can find Blue Ridge Naturally certified products.

Feel free to browse these BRNcompanies and support their commitment to a safer, traceable model for the natural products industry.


Organic Gardenia Essential Oil

Artisan Aromatic's Organic Gardenia Essential Oil (Gardenia jasminoides) is pure undiluted Gardenia Oil extracted by Enfleurage. Enfleurage is an ancient technique of extracting essential oils from flower petals by layering the flower petals on trays of fat. Over time, the essential oils migrate to the fat and then essential oils are separated using organic alcohol. Then the essential oils are slowly separated from the alcohol resulting in pure essential oils with a truly wonderful aroma. 

Shecology offers all natural laundry and cleaning products with Blue Ridge Naturally certified Soap Nuts and Soap Nut Laundry Pills


Katuah Muscadine

BRN certified Katuah Muscadine starts are available from Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard.

Warhorse Solutions has certified many of their products including hand and body washes, shampoos for pets and people, equine shampoo, and Pure Gold all-purpose cleaner. 


4 Certified products

Red Moon has certified 4 topical products:  Magic Massage OilSt. Johns Wort OilGreen Wonder Salve, and Poke Root Salve


ZenJenSkin offers highly refined products for topical skincare.